Late For Dinner

"Adventures...Make you late for dinner." -- Bilbo Baggins

Featuring Thoughts and Images both Adventurous and Otherwise. Dealing mostly with those Occurences and Happenings which befall one Jordan Emmans, during his Sojourn in the Far East (South Korea, specifically). Giving no promise as to Quality or Frequency of posts. Expecting, however, great Diversity of Subject Matter. Hoping sincerely to Entertain and Enlighten those Readers who would care to glance herein. Or Something.

Location: Gwangju, South Korea

I'm a follower of Jesus and a guitarist/drummer/vocalist. I'm from Cool, CA, USA, and I've been in Korea since Jan. 27, 2006. Right now I'm giving teaching a try. Next year...who knows what I'll be doing. Life is an adventure!

Thursday, November 22, 2007

No Pedals

My coworker Daniel recently made a fantastic purchase:

He allowed me to borrow it:

It was very cold. But I also borrowed his very fashion-forward helmet/goggle combination, so at least I looked super-hip.

Here's what I saw:

It was so cold, in fact, that it was hours after my ride before I felt comfortable again. However, tons of fun. I'll do it again, provided Daniel lets me.

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Rockin' the English Festival

The day after my birthday party we had a gig at a public middle/high school English festival. There were hundreds of Korean teenagers milling about the place, taking part in English-themed games and activities, including a very impressive talent show. We were the special "native speaker" entertainment: a real-live foreigner band (not to be confused with the real-live band Foreigner). Our bassist Dave's wife Dawn took these pictures. Dave and I both wore red shirts, not by design but by chance. Honestly.

This is the venue, which was pretty full when we played:

They had us at the back of the stage because of all the other acts; when it was our turn to play, the huge screen you see above us went up, revealing The Jordan Emmans Band in all its rock-n-rollness:Leading the crowd in clapping:

Birthday Bash

Yes, I know it's been many moons since I've posted...and I regret to say, I don't have a good excuse. But, regardless, here at last are some pictures. It was my birthday last month, and we had a big party that was a rollicking good time. Around 30 or so people attended, mostly students of mine (mostly female...funny how that happened). First was dinner, then karaoke and drinks.

I didn't have my fancy camera, so these very poor quality pictures, taken on my cellphone camera, are all I have. Here's my coworker Eric and student Sei Hee trying to figure out her camera:

Taking a picture of Eric taking my picture (my student Do Hae is to the right of Sei Hee):

Very blurry, but that's Daniel and Dina, two of my other coworkers, singing U2's "With or Without You":

Fun times, until 3am. And now I'm 30...

My apologies for the blogging silence. I haven't really been inspired to blog; living in Korea is pretty normal for me now. Teaching is still going really well, I love my job most of the time, my students are great. The CD is getting very close to done. We're looking at finishing by January, which is exciting. I will, of course, let you know when that wonderful day comes.