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"Adventures...Make you late for dinner." -- Bilbo Baggins

Featuring Thoughts and Images both Adventurous and Otherwise. Dealing mostly with those Occurences and Happenings which befall one Jordan Emmans, during his Sojourn in the Far East (South Korea, specifically). Giving no promise as to Quality or Frequency of posts. Expecting, however, great Diversity of Subject Matter. Hoping sincerely to Entertain and Enlighten those Readers who would care to glance herein. Or Something.

Location: Gwangju, South Korea

I'm a follower of Jesus and a guitarist/drummer/vocalist. I'm from Cool, CA, USA, and I've been in Korea since Jan. 27, 2006. Right now I'm giving teaching a try. Next year...who knows what I'll be doing. Life is an adventure!

Thursday, July 31, 2008

Utah and Nevada are beautiful

God willing, I will reach my destination this Saturday. It's a bitter-sweet realization, that I'll soon be done with my epic trip. I'm going to miss the road, the expectation of seeing new things, dealing with my bike and my camping gear--I'll miss camping almost every night. The independence, the wild sense of freedom you get from touring on a bicycle. Soon I'll be back to the world of job, car, rent.

Enough emoting. Three more days of riding left. Here are the new pictures: Utah/Nevada; Nevada. Enjoy.


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