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Location: Gwangju, South Korea

I'm a follower of Jesus and a guitarist/drummer/vocalist. I'm from Cool, CA, USA, and I've been in Korea since Jan. 27, 2006. Right now I'm giving teaching a try. Next year...who knows what I'll be doing. Life is an adventure!

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Rock 'n' Roll

We played Speakeasy again last month, opening for a band from Seoul (A Taste of Dinomite). I didn't get any pics of them, but they were pretty good.

We rocked, I'm happy to say. We played a blistering one-hour set, getting many positive reactions from the assembled.

Dave and Dan enjoy the moment:

Dave and Dan rock out:

I had one fanatic fan in particular, a young Korean girl who may or may not have imbibed too freely. As you can see, she stood RIGHT IN FRONT OF ME, staring at me, for the last two songs; a little awkward:

Overall a fun night. We're currently working on a CD, which we'll hopefully finish by March. When we do, I'll make it available via MP3 download. It's going to sound good, I think.